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This page contains tips on how to best use, maintain and extend the life of your equipment. If you have any useful tips or suggestions that you would like to share with us and our readers, please e-mail us - we will be happy to include your tip (and name if you like) in our updates.

Print this page and keep it as a handy reference!

1. Keep your equipment DRY! This is the most important thing you can do to extend the life of your hockey equipment, particular attention should be placed on skates and gloves as these items receive the most damage from excess moisture.

2. Use skate guards only when transporting your skates. Most skate gurards have a tendency to collect moisture which can cause your skate blades to rust.

3. To prevent rust build-up in your helmet loosen and re-tighten screws about once a month.

4. To clean clear plastic face shields (eg. Itech or Bauer Shields) use mild non-abrasive detergent such as dish soap and soft cloth, or Itech approved cleaners only.

5. Most Hockey protective equipment can be washed if the following precautions are taken:
- Remove all plastic foam pieces if possible.
- Use warm water cycle if there are no plastic or foam pieces
Use cold water cycle for pieces with foam or plastic.
- Use only drum type washing machine or bathtub soaking. Do not use spindle type washing machines.

6. To lessen wear and tape ball-up on goal sticks. Tape stick twice, for bottom layer use black tape toe to heel and for upper layer use black or white tape heel to toe.

7. To lessen friction between goal stick and stick glove, sand shaft with fine sandpaper or emery cloth, and rub in a light layer of floor paste wax.

8. To lessen goal stick vibration at index finger; add 2 wraps of tape 2" down from top of paddle.

9. All goalies should keep a small screwdriver and spare buckles and toe straps for any emergency repairs.

10. If you decide to paint your goal pads use only acrylic type dyes, made specifically for leather (eg. "Fiebing's acrylic dye for leather is a good product).

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