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North American Shipping Procedures:

(Outside of North America send us an e-mail and we will discuss delivery arrangements.)

1. U.S. customers only
When sending items to be repaired the following information must be written on the customs and shipping forms.

Items are entering CANADA on a temporary basis (E29 temporary stay exemption) to be repaired under warranty by Toronto Hockey Repair Ltd. Repaired items to be sent back to U.S.A.

When preparing shipping & customs forms, in the box labelled "value of goods" or "value of goods for customs", enter the amount of $5.00. In the in box labelled "value of goods for insurance purposes", enter the value that you wish to insure the shipment for.

See samples: Postal Custom Form - UPS Customs Form and UPS Shipping Form

Alternatively you can provide your own customs form. See sample.

2. A Certified Cheque, Money Order or Credit Card number must be received by us before we will ship out any new or repaired goods.

3. Due to Canadian Postal and Courier regulations, we regret that we cannot offer C.O.D. service.

4. Unless noted otherwise all shipping and freight charges will be extra.

5. For Ontario Residents 7% GST and 8% PST will apply.

6. For Canadian Residents outside of Ontario 7% GST only will apply.


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