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We started our business with the repair and refurbishing of hockey equipment and it's still one of the things we do best. Our experts can assess your damaged equipment and recommend repairs for a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

We can also repair equipment sent to us from anywhere in the world and return it to you in a timely manner. We will also provide free estimates either by phone, email or by our contact form.

Below is a list of some of the more common repairs we can make to damaged equipment. We can also repair a wide range of other items so please give us a call regarding the repair of items not listed here. We would be pleased to provide a customized quote for specialized repairs.

Repair Shop Services

  • Repair and repalming of hockey gloves and goal stick gloves using fine horsehide leather, or synthetic clarino leather.

  • Relacing of goal catch gloves, installation of "T" trap, and extensions (side trap).

  • General repairs and restriping of hockey pants, including Cooperall long pants.

  • General repairs of equipment bags including zippers and sliders where necessary.

  • General repairs of shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin pads, hockey girdles, chest protectors, arm pads, hockey socks, sweaters and helmets.
  • Goal pad repairs including new toe straps, leg straps, buckles, and re-stuffing where necessary. Toronto Hockey Repair can also lengthen goal pads 2 to 6 inches, thereby increasing their useful lifespan.

  • Relacing of baseball gloves and general baseball equipment repairs.

  • Expert skate repairs including blade replacements, rivet replacements, eyelet repairs and skate boot stretching.

  • Expert skate sharpening including goal skates (cross-cut or regular cut) and figure skate.


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